Oct 30, 2007

discount dental plans

I found this site today where you can search for and compare discount dental plans.

Why discount dental vs. traditional insurance?

  • Many companies and businesses don’t offer dental coverage.
  • You can save between 10-60% on most procedures. (In my case…I would save a minimum of $80!)
  • Freedom to choose benefits and coverage.
  • Cost effective.

If you are uninsured or seeking a little dental assistance, you’ll appreciate the information and services Discount Dental Plans offers.

Now that I’m older and belong to the work force, I now have to pay for my own checkup, which is a bummer, really. That’s why I decided to avail of a health insurance and a dental plan, a discount dental plan of course, not the traditional dental insurance (which is generally costly and has long waiting periods before you could avail of a dental check up). I just found out about the discount dental plan from DentalPlans.com - a sort of search engine for discounted but quality dental care plans.

I’m still in the process of selecting a dental care plan. From their more than 30 national and regional great money-saving dental plans, I’m tempted to just apply to all of them! Hehehe…