Mar 21, 2008

Sex Difficult For Menopausal Women

Sex is often difficult for postmenopausal women who suffer in silence because they are ashamed to talk about their problem.

That is the essence of a survey conducted by menopause Questions studied 400 women in the UK.

Dr. Heather Currie, founder of the Menopause Matters, said menopausal symptoms are so severe that it disrupts the sexual life of many women. However, half of them are too embarrassed to consult a doctor about it. One in four has to make excuses to avoid sex altogether.

"We are all aware of the symptoms (of menopause), such as night sweats and hot flashes. But women find it extremely difficult to talk to somebody, less well-known symptoms such as drought vaginal and discomfort, unless they are given the opportunity to do so in an anonymous forum such as ours. This means that many women, the symptoms are not treated, and in many cases, this affects their relations " , "said Currie.

Seventy-nine percent of respondents said they had never seen a doctor or other health professional, even if their symptoms are described as "disturbing" and "painful". Currie found this troubling, since many symptoms can be easily treated.

"I urge these women to visit their doctor or a specialist clinic, so that they can receive appropriate treatment quickly," said Currie.

Menopause marks the end of the fertility of a woman and is characterized by night sweats, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness, among others. Technically, it takes place one year after your last menstrual period or at the age of 51, but the signs and symptoms of menopause may happen sooner.

"The menopause naturally begins when the ovaries start making less estrogen and progesterone, hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. The process is underway at the end of your 30s. At that time, less potential for the maturation of eggs are your ovaries every month, and ovulation is less predictable, "according to

"These changes are most pronounced in your 40s, as are changes in your menstrual pattern. Your periods may become longer or shorter, heavier or lighter, and more or less frequent. Finally, your ovaries closed, and you have no more periods. It is possible, but very rare, rules every month until your last period. You are much more likely, however, to have a gradual decline, "said the Mayo Clinic.

Although menopause is not a disease and does not require medical treatment, its symptoms can be disturbing. To relieve your pain, see a doctor to prevent complications such as heart disease and osteoporosis. To prevent weight gain, reducing tension and irritability, and help you get sex, try to free prescription Zalestra, a safe and natural formula that balances your hormones and put the extra weight for keep you in the pink of health.

Smoking Linked To Early Menopause

Female smokers are 59 percent more likely to get an early menopause before the age of 45 than non-smokers.

This was revealed by the Norwegian researchers who said that smokers were also the risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.
Dr Thea F. Mikkelsen of the University of Oslo and her colleagues studied more than 2000 women aged between 59 and 60 years old. They found that smokers started early menopause, especially those who smoked heavily where the risk of premature menopause was nearly doubled.

But former smokers who quit with at least 10 years before the menopause were 87 percent less likely than current smokers to stop menstruating before the age of 45. Second-hand smoke also affects the start of the menopause.

"The researchers found that nearly 10 percent of women went through menopause before age 45. Approximately 25 percent are current smokers, 28.7 percent were ex-smokers and 35.2 percent reported current exposure to passive smoke," said Reuters .

The same link was found by Dr. Jonathan Tilly of Massachusetts General Hospital, that the debt early menopause over a chemical found in cigarette smoke that accelerates the destruction of female egg cells in the ovaries.

"Women who smoke undergo menopause earlier, and we have correlated with exposure to a class of chemicals in tobacco smoke that accelerate the death of egg cells in the ovaries,''said Tilly, who led the six-year study published in the Review Nature Genetics.

The chemicals are called Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are used for making tar, plastics, and paints. They are also found in cigarette smoke and air pollution. In female mice injected into the toxin attaches to egg cells and triggers a chemical reaction that slowly kills the latter.

"You do not see any impact (from the chemicals) until many years on the road. Ovaries will continue to work and the destruction will go on for a while, and boom,''said Tilly.

"The sooner a woman stops smoking, the more protection she signs with regard to an early start of the menopause," Mikkelsen.

Menopause is characterised by the end of menstruation and fertility, and normally occurs at the age of 51. Hormonal changes are responsible for the physical symptoms of menopause that include hot flushes, mood changes, sleep disturbances, increased abdominal fat, and vaginal dryness. This can be remedied by Zalestra, a natural product that balances hormones and weight checks without the harmful effects of hormones.

Eye Care Exams: Are The Important And How Often?

Like all other parts of our body's eyes are also subject to wear whatsoever from the ultra violet rays of the sun, pollution and dust in the air, communicable diseases, stress or watching a computer screen all day.

Most of us go to our family doctors to undertake a physical examination to see how our overall health. Other people take their health for granted. Why is it then that many of us do not reflect our vision. To ensure normal vision and healthy, an annual visit to your eye doctor for your eye care review is necessary.

Your eyes are like windows on the world, our brain receives sensory information daily with our own eyes therefore be maintained in optimal shape will be to ensure the proper signal received by the brain, and therefore the action and reactions . If your vision is a subsidiary of this will obviously affect the performance of your life.

Eye Care examinations should start at a very young age, infants 2-6 months should have their eyes checked for correct any deficiencies, children entering primary school and again when entering the secondary education must undergo eye care examinations, which will also detect any vision problems and corrective measures can be taken to correct the problem.

As we get older, it is essential to have a test carried out eye care each year, because every time you see your eye doctor will evaluate the evolution of your vision system, and they can help correct any difficulties that you may have with your view. Early diagnosis of any potential problem will reduce the risk of serious harm to our view.

The elderly are more vulnerable to the loss of vision, they should be aware that the probability of having blurred vision increases with age. The threat is still there even though you may not be present no problems, so you should consult your doctor regularly for a review of care.

An eye care is a painless and informative examination method for the evaluation of your eyes. Doctors will test your visual acuity, which is the clarity of your vision. During the discussion eye care, the doctor will also verify the eye muscles, and intraocular pressure, fluid circulation, in the retina and the general state of your eyes .. The routine eye examination is not painful or uncomfortable.

Eye Care Physicians Exam

Doctor's who specialize in the comprehensive care of the eyes and visual system in the prevention of eye disease is the wound ophthalmologist. They are medically trained specialists who can provide eye care examinations total, primary, secondary and tertiary care services general and diagnose eye diseases.

Considering that the health professional who provides only primary care services is an optometrist. Services included are comprehensive eye and vision of health examinations: the treatment and diagnosis of vision disorders and diseases of the eye, the detection of health problems generally, they prescribe glasses, contact lenses , vision therapy, low vision rehabilitation and medication.

How often should you care an eye exam?

If you find that you have difficulty in the eye, pain or blurred vision or any other problem in the eye, it is necessary to immediately see a doctor. However, if you are in good health and has no diseases, no vision problems, you can have an eye exam every two to four years, as long as your age is below forty. For people with diabetes, you have frequent eye examinations to maintain good eye health.

Remember prevention is better than cure, so make sure you are aware of your vision and note if you get any deterioration on the bottom and a review of care.

Your Guide To Tummy Tucks

A tummy tuck is a procedure that tightened the midsection and radical improvement in appearance. The procedure is not for everyone, so it's best to understand an abdominoplasty before you go forward.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

If you have tried every sit-up and heavy computing stomach move there, and are still far from your goal of a flat-as-a-board abdomen, and then an abdominoplasty, the right choice for you. An abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, cosmetic surgery is a procedure aimed at removing excess flab from the abdomen, and the tightening of the abdominal muscles. Like all cosmetic procedures, it's not a "one size fits all" option. A tummy tuck is not a weight measure and should never be treated as one. It is a procedure for people who want to show their company and abdominal muscles, and have exhausted all their options. A tummy tuck is an invasive surgery, and those who choose to have it should take the time to educate themselves before making a final decision.

Who is eligible for a Tummy Tuck?

The number one requirement for anyone who is considering an abdominoplasty is a clean bill of health. Men and women who are in good physical condition in general are eligible to receive this cosmetic procedure. The best candidates for tummy tucks are women who have delivered babies and notice excessive sagging abdominal skin. A tummy tuck is the ideal option for those who have recently lost a large amount of weight, and have loose skin around their stomach area that is not affected by regular exercise.

Who would not be an abdominoplasty?

Those who have a history of cardio-vascular problems are advised against surgery, abdominoplasty. Also, if your digestive problems that may affect your eligibility for an abdominoplasty. Additionally, if you plan to lose more weight, it is an abdominoplasty can best be postponed until you are finished with your weight loss. A tummy tuck is not a quick solution to the weight problems, and should not be used in situations where diet and exercise may be your desired results.

What can you expect during and after a tummy tuck procedure

A tummy tuck is usually performed under general anesthesia, although in some cases local anesthetics may also be used. The surgery takes between 2 to 4 hours. Typically, the more skin and fat to be removed, the longer the duration of the proceedings.

Remember that an abdominoplasty is a type of surgery, which means that you can expect some swelling after the procedure. Usually all prescribed painkillers should alleviate the inconvenience you during your recovery. You may also experience some degree of pain, numbness, and that bruising May last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. You will probably also some general fatigue which should also correct itself in a few weeks.

The importance of the recovery period after your abdominoplasty

If you think a abdominoplasty means that you bounce off surgery bed in a bikini, think again! The incision area will be bandaged and will need to be taken care of properly to avoid infection. Your surgeon can advise you about this. Any kind of physical activity is also a strict no-no, at least for a period of six months after surgery. The scars, although they will significantly reduce over time, it will never completely disappear. Once you have sufficiently recovered, your doctor will prescribe lotions that speed up the lighting.

An abdominoplasty not magically give you perfectly sculpted washboard abs. However, it gives a more contoured and tauter sketch than before. The improvements are often dramatic, and people who have tummy tucks are some of our most satisfied patients.

How To Recognize Thyroid Menopause Issues

Thus, the concept of thyroid menopause really appropriate, given the fact that problems with the thyroid and menopause are really two separate issues?

There has been an increase in the awareness levels of thyroid issues in the people, especially women, who in recent times. In fact, the women are 8-10 times more likely than men to experience, and it really should be an attempt to understand what it is.

It is easy to bury your head in the sand "and assume you have just experienced Peri menopause symptoms, but you have to understand the thyroid gland and problems of menopause, virtually every other mask symptoms.

The notion of thyroid menopause refers mainly to the period of life of a woman could experience both. With hypothyroidism, it is also not uncommon for a woman as early as their thirties.

Similar symptoms

There is a long list of symptoms, which also mirrors the other conditions, and not only menopause. It shows some symptoms associated with mental disorders such as panic attack.

Here is a short list of symptoms:

-- Mood swings and depression
-- Weight gain and weight loss
-- Irregular Times
-- Low power consumption and unusual sleep patterns

What to do if some of the above resonance with you, if you are dealing with the early stages of menopause?

The problem of weight gain

One of the best-known symptoms associated with thyroid issues is unusual weight gain. The additional problem is that weight is almost impossible to shed.

This is accompanied by an increase in appetite and unless you are aware that the thyroid is closely related to the regulation of metabolic rate, then you will probably more than a lost battle struggling to get rid of the weight. This is in itself a sign that you need to provide for the proper function of the thyroid gland.

Other questions related to the thyroid problems are swelling in the legs and arms and neck pain, hair loss and abnormal heart rhythms. These are other signs that are not related to the menopause and the "green light", the issues of the thyroid gland may be the culprit.

So, if you think you have thyroid menopause, think again. Each is a separate issue and disconnect the connection lies in the similar symptoms associated with both. If you suspect hypothyroidism, a problem with which you then the safest course of action to take is to see your doctor.

Breast Enlargement Enhancement Pills - Natural Breast Enhancement

Boobs pills have become very popular in recent years as more and more women are not afraid of an increase in surgery. Because of their high cost, as well as the risk of serious health complications, women around the world have been seeking alternatives to surgery. Search the Internet for breasts and you will find many sites that sell a pill breasts. Breasts pill usually contains plant estrogens. Plant estrogen can stimulate the growth of breasts. Although it is an estrogen, it is not even a doctor prescribed estrogen.

Boobs pills, offered by various manufacturers, include nucleoproteins phytoestrogens. Nucleoproteins are substances that are responsible for controlling the body's hormonal status. They help cells to regenerate and grow.

Phytoestrogènes are plant estrogens and act as stimulants for the growth of breast tissue. These preparations are non-hormonal, so there is no danger they can to disrupt hormonal balance naturally in the body. On the contrary, they make within react the same way as he did in puberty. Thus, the chest is gradually becoming bigger and stronger.

Examination of the breasts Actives pills advantages:

1. You get enhanced breasts without surgery.
2. Safe and clear.
3. Side effects are not too harsh.
4. Reduces female reproductive problems and PMS symptoms are reduced.
5. Contributes to balance hormones and glands.
6. Improvement seen in a few weeks.
7. Your breasts are fuller, firmer and healthier.


Daily Dose of Active Breast Pills is required, as well as cream to be applied directly on the breast twice a day. For best results, apply the cream regularly for a period of 3 to 6 months. The amount of cream to be used every day depends on the size you want to reach.

Do natural breasts pills work? Are they safe?

If you are tempted to try breast natural pills, you could jeopardize your health, not to mention your pocketbook.

Natural breast enhancement pills are advertised all over the Internet, on television and in women's magazines. The ads prey to insecurity on women about their breasts, particularly after childbirth and breastfeeding, weight loss, and the removal of breast implants.

Breast enlargement exercises:

The appearance of Breasts Breast is accentuated with enlargement exercises. The exercises help increase muscle mass, which is located beneath the breast tissue. The current fabric receives a lift that gives the impression of a company and appearance. These exercises are the most commonly used in conjunction with creams and pills to give you a quick result.

Benefits Of Business Networking Groups Exclusively For Women

Just as it is for men in the business world for women in business, life is so hard, and some would say a little more difficult. He launched a new company and know exactly how difficult it is to get a small business off the ground.

I am a passionate believer in networking business because my business has grown as a result, in fact I have seen so much power in the word of mouth marketing that I know from my clubs networking business in the area where I live.

Exclusive women only business networking groups are increasingly common, but what really makes sense? After all, the basis of business networking is that you want to convey your company for fellow network services partners so they can refer clients to you, so why do you want to cut your audience in half ( potentially less than half) the restriction that only a women?

The fact is that many women are more comfortable in an environment of women and, indeed, come to trust each other partner networks much faster. Evidence suggests that a better network of women than men, because women are focusing more on building the relationship while men will focus on the end result of achieving remission. Having both partners online networking is certainly bound to deliver faster and more powerful result.

If it is politically correct or not speak, it is clear that in some business circles, women are still perceived to be less than equal. I think that there are countless examples of great women in business to show that this perception is a position totally obsolete and is gradually dying, but not before time. So once again when it comes to feel comfortable when networking, exclusive clubs of women compared to the needs.

Many women who run small businesses will also have to deal with family life and, therefore, feel an affinity with other women in the same situation. It can help build relationships, or may just help them understand the issues, but whatever the reason this helps reach that point in the relationship where you know, like and trust the other person, and so are ready to start giving and receiving referrals.

Many of traditional networks of groups have been established over decades and probably do not fit with family life in terms of the meeting. In women's networks clubs understand this point and make sure that the meeting times are at a time of day when you go to a conflict with the school term. This can be the difference between being able to network or not.

So it is not really about the halving of their audience, there are clear reasons why all women networking clubs work well, but by the nature of the fact that half the population is excluded from business, clubs of women in business networking should be regarded as complementary to the concept of networking as a whole and not a substitute.

So why are there not all male business networking in clubs ?.... Come, it would be sexist!