Oct 23, 2007

MyFitnessPal.Com Free Calorie Counter

Who doesn't want to lose weight? Ever since I got pregnant I have always wanted to gain back my pre-pregnancy weight which is 110 lbs. I am now at 120 lbs more or less. How can I lose that 10 extra lbs. because it seems that no matter what I do I can't get rid of it.

I have a lot of stout, big bellied friends, fasting for weeks, trying to reduce their weight in order to attract the attention of girls. Their efforts have always ended in vain. I found a really useful website for people like them who always look scrupulously into the calories content of their diet and are on a mission to burn down those extra fat in their body. Calorie counter has a lot of features and benifits and it is damn easy to use.
Keeping a food diary is essential for you to help lose weight because you get to keep track of what you are eating thus, making you lose weight faster.