Oct 23, 2007

Online Shopping

The clothes one wear are very significant for various reasons depending on each individual. It all depend mainly on personal style or taste and on personal needs. Irrespective of what the reasons or the styles are, it is most important for us to look good with the cloths that we wear.

However I haven't always been this way. In the time of before children when I was 30 pounds lighter and had time and money on my hands, I loved shopping and dressing trendy. Hopefully this will return someday. So it is with fond memories of this time that I often browse and put together my wish list. Some of my favorites are at Tobi.

I absolutely love these nudie jeans, not only because the brand shares a name with my daughter, but because I can dream of having the body to wear these beauties someday. Pair those nudie jeans with a super cool Vince sweater and I would be the coolest looking Mom on the block!

I even have some items, seven for all mankind on my wish list for dear hubby. So as not to upstage him when we are seen together I would be sure to buy him the Diesel jacket in the leather bomber variety. We would be able to hit any of the hotspots in town and we would be the coolest couple there.