Apr 23, 2008

Carrot Lessen Cancer Risk

carrotCarrot represent type of popular vegetable in world after potato. besides containing vitamin of high A, useful to carrot also heal some disease. as in launching BBC news , Dr Kirsten Brandt and some researcher from university of new castle find existence of compound which can degrade risk of growth of cancer in vegetable chromatic of that orange. Result of research mention, corm of root which grow goodness of area of mountain with height of about 1.200 above that sea level contain component of natural pesticide is so-called falcarinol. through test-drive of at 24 mouse with pre tumor - cancer obtained [by] conclusion that falcarinol can degrade risk of growth of cancer till one-third from generally. conclusion made by after 18 mouse week - mouse.

Consuming carrot and suplemen in their pakan, growth of its tumor is smaller one-third in comparison with the mouse which only get ordinary pakan. Falcarinol of non compound of dangerous chemistry and certain to in number have ability of stimulus of mechanism of body to fight against cancer. Effect of from consuming falcarinol will only be happened by if somebody eat 400 kilogram of carrot once eat. Just only, because that research use raw carrot, researcher not yet can recommend whether/what consuming matured carrot and juice of carrot also will give same effect.