Apr 23, 2008

Pressure Work to Generate Depresi

depresiExperiencing of abundant pressure at work will give risk twofold to all young worker to experience of depresi and restlessness . Dr Maria melchior emphatically say that hand in glove depresi of bearing with a number of duty work. all worker known will experience of high pressure after working sufficient during. study for 1000 worker of age 32 year prove the mentioned, where 45 new case which related to depresi and the hand in glove restlessness of its bearing with pressure in environment work.

That pressure can in the form of lack of control, overtime , cannot reach goals , and level of work volume. because that's, through his clarification in journal of psychologycal medicin, team of that researcher hope all worker get protection for business of health bounce. to yield valid finding, team do research into of this problem in dunedin, new selandia, entangledly a number of profession of like actress, doter, teacher, pilot, police, journalist draught. as a whole, 10 gratuity of man and 14 gratuity of woman confess they experience of depresi and restlessness, where this risk mount twofold along with height of work pressure.
Research also mention that this depresi will make the possibility of the happening of difficulty sleep and fatigue. all threatened worker experience of depresi restlessness and very high [is] those who own high work burden, but the time less for have socialization.